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A mediator is a neutral third party called in to assist in negotiating civil actions such as complex product liability, personal injury, or construction defect claims. In mediation the goal is help the conflicted parties find common ground to reach an agreement. Mediation is voluntary, and is facilitated by a trained mediator, usually an attorney, who is neutral and not related to the case in any way. Mediation is less costly and time-consuming than traditional litigation.

The mediator meets with each party separately to discuss their claims, then with both parties in the same room to facilitate the discussion. Each party learns the weak and strong points of the other’s case, and mediation provides a safe, neutral place to air differences. If mediation fails, either party can choose to litigate.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
When disputes arise between contractors and customers, mediation and arbitration are formal legal processes used to resolve the conflict to both parties’ satisfaction. Both provide the advantage of avoiding costly, protracted litigation, and can be used to resolve a wide variety of disputes, including contract disputes, construction disputes, and insurance disputes.

Many of the attorneys at Aiken Bridges are certified mediators, skilled in alternative dispute resolution. They are frequently sought out by other lawyers from across South Carolina to assist in the resolution of their disputes in areas such as:

  • insurance disputes
  • construction-related breaches of contract
  • construction defects claims
  • disputes between building owners and contractors
  • contract disputes

Arbitration works like mediation, but with some crucial differences. The arbitrator must remain neutral, but the decision of an arbitrator is binding, and appeal is difficult.

Besides providing mediation and arbitration services, our attorneys also provide counsel to individual parties involved in mediation and arbitration to help them look out for their best interests and protect their rights.

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